"La souris verte" place of reception children-parents

Allows children from birth to 6 years accompanied by their parent or referring adult / pregnant women / parents of children under 6 who have attended the place.

LAEP, Place of accompanying parenthood

What is a Parents Home?

The LAEP is a place of listening, speaking and exchanging that promotes the bond between the parent and his child. It participates in the awakening and the socialization of the child under the reassuring glance of its parent in a place arranged and envisaged for the young children. The LAEP accompanies the parents in the exercise of their role by an exchange with other parents or with the professionals of the place.

The LAEP welcomes families regardless of where they live. There is no need for reservation, it is an anonymous and free place based on volunteering. Friendly times are organized around a coffee, tea, cappucino facilitating speech. A symbolic participation will be proposed to you to participate in the conviviality of the place (coffee, tea, sugar ...) without any obligation.
Benevolence in the heart of the welcome

The Welcoming

The LAEP works with a team of welcoming people who are professionals of the Early Childhood. They guarantee the proper functioning of the place and the respect of the benevolent framework in which the word is welcomed. They are available and attentive to families. It makes the link and values ​​the child-parent relationship.

The GAME at the Place Enfants Parents

Since the game is a tool for meeting children and parents, the LAEP also offers animation time. The idea is to gather around an activity, to share, to discover and to valorize the skills of each one while favoring the creativity of the child (painting, manipulation of sand, collage, motricity course ...).