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The Children's Care Parents:

is a space designed to accommodate young children (up to 6 years) accompanied by their parents (or the adult in charge).

This place favors the relationship child-parent, it allows the adults to rub shoulders, to exchange, and the children to meet to play together.
It also aims to:

Valuing parents' educational skills
Socializing children who are not welcomed into a collective structure, opening them up to the social bond and promoting their autonomy
Breaking the social isolation of some parents
Prevent situations of negligence

The reception is mainly based on listening, it has no therapeutic aim and the parents must be able to benefit from the service offered in total confidentiality and according to their needs.
As for the children, they must be accompanied by the adult who is responsible for them throughout the duration of the reception time.

A symbolic financial contribution may be requested from parents.

For more information:

- L.A.E.P la souris verte à Tourves

Rue Ambroise Croizat


- L.A.E.P la pause parents à Brignoles

Espace enfance et famille

Rue Pas de grain, 1er étage

- Psychological Permanences

A.V.R.E : Association Varoise pour le Respect de l'Enfance

Psychological counseling for children, adolescents and adults.

Permanences in Brignoles, Mondays from 2 pm to 8 pm, in the space childhood and family, street no grain, 1st floor.

- L'éveil des Titous à Carcès

Associations of nursery assistants, information at