Early childhood point of single contact

In progress

The point of single contact provides information on services related to early childhood
With the
point of single contact, I can:

Benefit from a presentation of the different modes of reception and services to families existing on the territory
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions
Know the tariffs, the possible financial aid to determine the real cost
Pre-register for my child for all structures in the Comté de Provence
Obtain information on seating and application tracking
Finding an answer to my needs of care (collective reception - individual welcome)

Pre-enroll my child in collective reception (nursery)

Families can register from the first month of pregnancy.

Families must apply for registration at the
point of single contact, justifying the desired length of stay (application valid for 1 year from the pre-registration date). The point of single contact then calculates the points for each family according to a system that pays special attention to working families, single-parent families, those affected by disabilities and emergency situations.

Condition of eligibility

Living in the territory of the CCCP

And / or the 2 or 1 parent (s) work in the territory of the CCCP

Documents required :

Proof of residence of less than three months
Work certificate
Assignment number CAF or MSA => request access CAF PRO (and equivalent MSA) for the GU

A commission of attribution meets twice a year in order to validate the inscriptions in crèche.

Information for families will be sent by mail in early May.

Find a Maternal Assistant:

The point of single contact works in close collaboration with the R.A.M. Intercommunal.

Parents can inform their custody request by specifying the desired days, schedules and cities. They may also express particular wishes or educational expectations. The one-stop shop will be able to send the list of approved nursing assistants of the city concerned and the availability of nursery assistants.

point of single contact contacts the maternal assistants of the 12 communes that make up the community of communes in order to provide parents with information on the availability of nursery assistants.