I am looking for a maternal assistant

The steps

Parents Employers

In order to benefit from the PAJE's free choice of childcare (CMG), you must file your application with your Caf / MSA, during the month of hiring your employee.

Warning ! You must file a new CMG application with your Caf / MSA if you have not filed a Pajemploi return in the past 24 months.

1 - Contact your Caf / MSA

You must submit your request for a free choice of mode of care with your Caf / MSA. You can download CMG's application form on www.caf.fr or on www.msa.fr.

2 - Your Caf / MSA informs the national center Pajemploi

Your Caf / MSA will review your application and send to the National Pajemploi Center the necessary elements for your registration as an employer.

3 - The national center Pajemploi registers you

It sends you your registration notice containing your temporary username and password allowing you to make your declarations on the Internet.

4 - You declare the wages you paid

In your personal space, you declare the remuneration of your employee.

5 - The National Pajemploi Center processes your return

It sends to your Caf / MSA, the elements necessary to the payment of your benefit.
Your Caf / MSA pays you directly the "remuneration assistance" part and pays the amount of the contributions due to the Pajemploi national center.

If you have already contacted your Caf / MSA and do not meet the requirements, you can register by contacting the National Pajemploi Center, which will send you a membership form.

Or find an approved nursery assistant?

At the one-stop Childhood Center or Relais Maternal Assistants

Contact: or

Or guichetunique.petite-enfance@gmail.com

The one-stop shop can provide information on the availability of maternal assistants

You can also get the list from P.M.I. Or the reception hall

Administrative procedures ... we can help you!

The maternal welfare center runs administrative offices to receive parents and nursery assistants who wish to obtain help and advice in the recruitment of a maternal assistant or in matters related to the employment contract.

You can contact us at or ram@cc-comtedeprovence.fr