Individual care

Individual care definition:

What is an accredited maternal assistant?

The maternal assistant is an early childhood care worker who welcomes one or more children (maximum of 4) to his / her home or to a MAM (Maison d'Assistants Maternels).

The maternal assistant is:

  • Or an employee of the parent who employs it (individual employer)
    Or an employee of a family crèche managed by a local authority (commune, general council), an association, a company: it is then the object of supervision and accompaniment provided by the staff of the family crèche.

    In order to practice, he must obtain the authorization issued by the General Council.

    Accreditation must ensure the child's health, safety and development.

    Interviews and home visits by the staff of the General Council make it possible to evaluate reception conditions and educational capacities.

    The maternal assistant can get closer to the Relais Assistantes Maternelles Interommunal for:

    Obtain administrative information (help with paid leave, contract of employment, etc.)
    Provide information on the number of children
    Participate in waking times with children