I have my child care

Which modes of care should be chosen?
The families of the Comté de Provence can choose from a wide range of reception modes
Collective home

The multi-acceils, halts nurseries, crèches ... are grouped under the denomination of institution of reception of the young child of less than 4 years. They propose a regular, occasional group reception supervised by qualified people in premises designed for the care of young children. These nursing homes are partly financed by the Community of Communes Comté de Provence, the State, the CAF and the MSA. In our territory, there are 11 in associative or intercommunal management.
A service or institution project supports the work of staff with children and their families.
Children requiring special attention may be welcomed after advice from the structure's physician. Of the total number of crèches, there are an estimated 370 children in crèches.

Individual home with a maternal assistant

A nursery assistant is an accredited professional who welcomes children to her home on full-time, part-time or extra-curricular. The approval procedure governing access to this profession falls within the competence of the General Council in the field of Maternal Child Protection (P.M.I). Parents become employers and are bound by an employment contract with the maternal assistant.
In our territory there are 130 registered nurses.

Child care at home:

The Comté de Provence does not offer this service but associations are present on the territory.